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CCM Studio Rental

Rent a fully equipped studio for your newest project.

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
  • California College of Music

Service Description

Studio Description:** Nestled in the heart of the city, the CCM Studio is a haven for musicians, bands, and audio enthusiasts alike. Our space is meticulously designed to provide the ideal creative environment, blending comfort with cutting-edge technology. **Equipment Highlights:** At CCM Studio, we pride ourselves on offering an impressive array of high-quality rental equipment to help you achieve your musical goals. Some of our featured equipment includes: 1. **FOCUSRITE 16LINE:** Experience pristine audio quality and versatility with the Focusrite 16Line interface. It's the cornerstone of our studio, ensuring your recordings are crystal clear and rich in detail. 2. **JBL Speakers:** Our JBL speakers deliver exceptional sound clarity and accuracy, allowing you to hear your music exactly as it was intended. 3. **Avalon Preamp:** Elevate your recordings with the warm, vintage-inspired tones of the Avalon preamp. It's the secret ingredient for adding that analog magic to your tracks. 4. **PreSonus Preamp and Compressor:** Take control of your sound with the PreSonus preamp and compressor. Achieve the perfect balance and dynamics for your music with these versatile tools. **Why Choose CCM Studio:** - **Professional Expertise:** Our experienced studio engineers and staff are passionate about music and are dedicated to helping you achieve your artistic vision. - **Comfort and Creativity:** Our studio space is designed for your comfort and creativity. Whether you're a solo artist or a full band, you'll find the perfect setting to bring your music to life. - **Affordability:** We offer competitive rental rates, ensuring that high-quality equipment is accessible to musicians of all levels and budgets. - **Flexibility:** From recording sessions to mixing and mastering, we cater to your needs, allowing you to craft your music exactly the way you envision it. - **Collaborative Atmosphere:** CCM Studio is a hub for collaboration. Connect with other musicians, producers, and artists to explore new creative horizons. Discover the power of sound and unleash your musical potential at the CCM Studio. Our commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, and welcoming atmosphere make us the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts like you. Book your session today and let your music shine.

Contact Details

  • 42 South Catalina Avenue, Pasadena, CA, USA



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