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The administration shall offer services to arrange housing accommodations in private home or affordable rental units close to the College, airport pick-up services for incoming students unfamiliar with the Los Angeles area, and provide alternative services for students commuting to campus via public transit, car, and/or bicycle. The administration will appoint qualified staff to manage all transportation, parking, and housing services and procedures


The College has no responsibility to assist any student in finding housing options unless the student opts to participate in the Housing Placement Service. Prospective students must fill out an SS-04 Student Housing Placement Application regarding preferences and provide the non-refundable $250.00 housing placement fee in order for admissions personnel to help. 

our services.

Admissions personnel will perform the following duties in order to interface with the local community and develop homestay arrangements and rental opportunities, building a housing network for prospective students:



Interview and recruit new host families in the College’s homestay network


Search for apartment vacancies appropriate to incoming students’ needs. 


Pre-screen families and landlords and evaluate the safety of the neighborhood for students


Ensure the residence is within biking or metro rail/bus ride distance from campus.


Maintain correspondence and relationship with host families and landlords.

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