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Academic Programs

certificate in songwriting & production 

12 months, 4 quarters

The Certificate in Songwriting & Production (12 months, 4 quarters) is designed for music-makers looking to hone their songwriting and music production skills while developing their unique artistic voice. Faculty members act as mentors to help students along their journey of artistic self-discovery, giving guidance and production tips throughout the writing and recording process.

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Associate of Science in Performance_edit

associate degree.

18 months, 6 quarters

The Associate of Science in Performance degree  (18 months, 6 quarters) is the most in-depth and intensive program offered at California College of Music. Emphasizing polished musicianship, personal artistic mentoring, and dynamic self-expression, students develop practical real-world skills and extensive professional music experience, establishing and honing their own unique voice or playing style along the way.

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certificate in performance.

12 months, 4 quarters

The Certificate in Performance program (12 months, 4 quarters) is designed for musicians to establish strong musicianship skills and refined performance technique, making them prime candidates for successful futures in music. It is designed to empower musicians with practical knowledge of their instrument (voice, guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard) and its role within modern styles of popular music such as rock, pop, blues, R&B, hip-hop, and funk. 


Apprentice in Performance_edited_edited_

The Apprentice in Performance program (2 quarters, 6 months) equips talented, ambitious music students with a basic toolbox full of practical musical skills, establishing an immutable foundation for future musical study. Technical development, ear training, private lessons, and live concert performances give students valuable hands-on experience in the craft of their music.

6 months, 2 quarters

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