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academic programs. 


associate of science in performance degree.

18 months / 6 quarters

The Associate of Science in Performance Degree (18 months, 6 quarters) is the most in-depth and intensive program offered at California College of Music.


12 months / 4 quarters

The Songwriting & Production Certificate  (12 months, 4 quarters) is designed for music-makers looking to hone their songwriting and music production skills while developing their unique artistic voice. 

songwriting & production certificate.

performance certificate.

12 months / 4 quarters

The Performance Certificate program (12 months, 4 quarters) is designed for musicians to establish strong musicianship skills and refined performance technique. 

6 months / 2 quarters

apprentice in performance.

The Apprentice in Performance program (6 months, 2 quarters) equips talented, ambitious music students with a basic toolbox full of practical musical skills, establishing an immutable foundation for future musical study. 

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