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Established in 1999 as the Pasadena International Music Academy, our journey has evolved into the dynamic entity known today as the California College of Music (CCM). The transformative rebranding occurred in 2008 under the guidance of eminent trombonist Wayne Henderson of The Crusaders and Grammy-winning producer Reggie Dozier. Their vision shaped our facilities into a cutting-edge recording studio, setting the stage for a new era.

Currently led by Dean & Chief Academic Officer Chris Kapica, M.M., and overseen by our esteemed Board of Directors, CCM stands as a testament to musical excellence. Our distinguished faculty comprises seasoned professionals from the music industry, fostering an environment dedicated to popular music performance and production.

Beyond academic pursuits, CCM takes pride in creating an encouraging atmosphere for both students and the broader community. Join us on this biographical journey, where passion, expertise, and creativity converge to define the essence of California College of Music.

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Dedicated to fostering musical excellence, we strive to educate musicians with precision, equipping them with the essential knowledge, honed skills, and unwavering confidence needed to authentically and dynamically express themselves within the ever-evolving music industry.
why ccm?
Discover a distinctive approach to music education at the California College of Music (CCM). Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to enhance students' technical prowess in performing and composing contemporary popular music. Our faculty comprises seasoned educators and accomplished musicians, each bringing a diverse range of expertise to the table.

Whether you dream of gracing the stage as a performer or envision yourself crafting compelling compositions, CCM offers a variety of programs and courses tailored to nurture your talents and propel you towards success in the industry. Join us at CCM, where you can embark on a transformative journey to harmonize your future and cultivate the skills essential for a thriving career in music. Enrich your musical journey—become a CCM student and start composing your path to success today!

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